Breeding Mystic

Well, sadly, though it appeared last week that Mystic was pregnant, today’s exam was disappointing. Last week when we had our event for the Comstock Youth Works Program, it looked promising, but today the Vet felt she had “slipped it” (never heard this term before). The vet was able to show us the remaining fluid which is being absorbed back into her body. To say the least we are disappointed, but the Vet was pleased that she had “caught” and assured us that it was not uncommon on  a first try to have things go this way. We feel that it is too late in the season to try again this year, but it’s possible we will try again next year, when we can plan better and have more time to make things right. Again, We want to thank everyone who worked with us on trying to make this happen – Lois, Carla, Jane, Gary and the Adoniss Group, Adoniis, our dear, dear Vet, Tyler and Cindy (who first let us know that we had a path to follow). We will keep you all posted on how things unfurl in the year to come…

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