Equine Therapy for those on the Autism Spectrum

Cody 20 internetThis is a wonderful story of a little boy on the autism spectrum who has made incredible progress through a combination of speech and equine therapy!

We especially like this story because we have seen this success in our own work with horses. Cody 2When CS started with us he has just turned 5. His vocabulary was limited to a handful of words and he had social, emotional and behavioral challenges as well. When CS started with us I used to laugh as we would hand him the lead rope and encourage him to lead his horse. Within a few steps we were picking the rope up and handing it to him again “here you go. Let’s lead Kody. Tell him to ‘walk on'”…a few steps late it was the same thing all over again.  But he did get better about following directions and enjoyed his ‘warm up stretches’ on his horse Kody.

Cody 19 - CopyI remember when after just a couple of sessions my partner Bambi informed me that she was going to put CS up on the horse…not what we usually do, but in this case it was easier to keep track of CS and the horse if CS was on the horse. And it paid off!

It was noted quickly by his parents, therapeutic team and the school that he was much more communicative.together 13 It was easier for him to interact with others once he was able to communicate better and within 90 days he was letting us know what he wanted with simple two and three word sentences. When asked ‘should we ride to the red or blue pole?” he would point and reply “red pole”. He loved trees and would ask to ride to the ‘triangle tree’ (pines).

We are proud of the work we Adaptive Newsletter CSdo with children and teens on the autism spectrum. If you are someone you know is living with a child or teen on the spectrum call or email us to schedule a visit. We will show you around, introduce our wonderful horse, learn more about the challenges you are dealing with and share how we might be able to help.

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